Bee Quest featured in Manchester Evening News

On November 18th 2017 Manchester Evening News published a fabulous article titled ‘Book of bees for bomb fund’  to help promote Bee Quest. Whilst the title isn’t 100% correct (I’m raising money for the Manchester Memorial Fund) the article, written by Andrew Bardsley does a brilliant job of explaining the reasons for me creating the book:

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Manchester Evening News – Philip Butler – BeeQuest

Philip Butler, 49, relocated to the Green Quarter from London, and felt his home shake during the blast on May 22, killing 22 innocent people.  Left devastated, Mr Butler decided to do something to help and came up with the idea of creating a book to raise money to help those affected by the bomb.

I’m now regretting telling Andrew my real age!  He goes on to say:

Mr Butler, originally from Nantwich, Cheshire, said he put his business temporarily on hold to work on the project, which has been months in the making

The online version of the article includes photographs of the clock face at the Principal hotel, the Hope Window in Manchester Cathedral, the bee hives on the roof of The Printworks and the Street Art by Qubek which was the source of inspiration to create the book in the first place.

Show your support by visiting and ordering your very own numbered copy of the book.

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