Wyndcote Bonsai

John’s existing website was not bringing in much trade so he enlisted my help to revitalise his site and do some SEO so as it would appear on the first few pages of Google.  We discussed what pages were required and highlighted the unusual service of Bonsai Kenneling that he had not previously advertised.  This service takes care of your bonsai whilst you are on holiday.

Sharing is Good

Design Approach

The website was originally designed in 2012 where I spent the day at wyndcote Bonsai Nursery in Lancashire photographing the nursery and all the outdoor bonsai that John has grown and nurtured over the years. A fresh informative website was created that has instantly increased sales and visitors to the nursery itself. In 2015 the website was redeveloped (the design remained the same) to make it responsive for mobile devices.


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