Crewe House Share

Crewe House Share  approached me to design a basic website to promote their house share for professionals property in Crewe, Cheshire.  They needed pages for each of the five rooms, the communal rooms, information on the room status, location of the property and means of contacting them.

Sharing is Good

Design Approach

The design and implementation of their site was fairly straight forward as they had clear goals of what they wanted from the website (plus they had a tight budget). Consequently my design was simplistic, functional, intuative but most of all each page was optimised for the key words and phrases they wanted. update 25/08/2017: Without any re-optimisation of their website, is ranked number 9 on the Google SERPs below the likes of rightmove and findaproperty. Obviously this may change over time especially as more and more independant landlords advertise their properties on line, but for now they rank pretty good.


What the Client had to say

Just a quick message to say thanks Philip for working with us on the website, I'm pleased to say that we have been inundated with independant enquiries for the rooms we have to rent, the 'Room Status' feature in particular has been great for letting visitors know whether there are rooms available or not. Looking forward to working with you again in the near future.Pete, Landlord - Crewe House Share
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