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Search Engine Optimisation involves developing and including keywords and key phrases (deep keywords) in your website content so as people can find your site via the search engine organic results.  'SEO from the Get-Go' ensures that each of the following items are crafted based upon the keywords and key phrase that have been identified and agreed upon during the strategic planning phase:-

browser page titles


page/section headings


page META descriptions

<meta name = "description">

page content


image alt tags

<img alt=" " />

hyperlink text


page URLs


In addition to the above, redirects are created for any old pages (in the case of a redesign) so as they point to the appropriate new pages, creation of a user friendly '404 page not found' (yes, this site has one too, take a look) for those non-existent urls, creating a sitemap.xml and submitting it to the search engines is all part of the job. If you've already got a Google Analytics account I'll add the new site to it but don't worry if you haven't, I'll help you set one up.

Doing this after the fact is time consuming and expensive whereas SEO from the Get-Go adds little time and no extra cost to the project.

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