Web based email Access

Sometimes it's convenient to be able to access your email from any computer using a web based email client, Gmail is perfect for this.  This tutorial is based on the assumption that you already have a Gmail account set up for either personal or business use.  

Step 1

View Gmail Settings

Open Gmail in your favourite web browser and in the top right corner click on the clog to display the dropdown list then select 'Settings' 

gmail import pop3 step01

Step 2

Accounts and Import - Add a mail account

Click the Accounts and Import tab on the screen that appears then under the heading 'Check mail from other accounts' click the 'Add a mail account' link.

gmail import pop3 step02

Step 4

Add a mail account - import

Make sure the 'Import emails from my other account (POP3)' radio button is selected then click 'Next'.

gmail import pop3 step04

Step 5

Add a mail account - mail settings
  1. enter your username (your email address)
  2. Enter your Password
  3. Enter 'server316.xenserve.com' in the POP Server field
  4. If your domain name is secured with an SSL certificate (https vs http) then change the port to 995 otherwise leave as is.
  5. Ensure 'Leave a copy of retrieved message on server' is NOT CHECKED
  6. Check 'Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail'
  7. Check 'Label incoming messages' - this makes it easy for you to filter out business from work.
  8. Do not check 'Archive incoming messages'

Click 'Add Account'

gmail import pop3 step05

Step 6

Add a mail account - send mail

You've now set up Gmail to receive your domain emails, now lets set it up to be able to send domain emails.  Ensure the 'Yes' radio button is selected and click 'Next'.

gmail import pop3 step06

Step 7

Add another email address you own

Enter the name that you want to associate with the email address, this is usually your name but can be a business name such as 'accounts' or 'info' etc.

Leave 'Treat as an alias' checked and click 'Next Step'.

gmail import pop3 step07

Step 8

Add another email address you own - SMTP Server Settings
  1. Enter 'server316.xenserve.com' as the SMTP server
  2. Change the port to 465 if you have a sercurity certificate installed (https vs. http)  This will automaticall change the 'Secured Connection' radio buttons below the password field)
  3. Enter your domain based email address as the username
  4. Enter the same password as you did for the incoming mail settings.
  5. Leave the radio button set to (recommended)

Click 'Add Account'

gmail import pop3 step08

Step 9

Add another email address you own - Account Verification

To be able to send emails you first need to verify the account.  Gmail will send a confirmation email with a link and a code to the newly added domain based email account.

Click 'Close window'

gmail import pop3 step09

Step 10

Gmail Confirmation email

Go to your Gmail INBOX and if you don't see the Gmail confirmaiton email click the refresh button (you may have to wait a few moments then try again).

Open the email

gmail import pop3 step10

Step 11

Gmail Confirmation email

You have two options to verify the account:-


Click the link in the email to verify then proceed to Step 12


Copy the Confirmation code (selected to code using you mouse then Ctrl+C (mac cmd+C) to copy the code then proceed to Step 13 

gmail import pop3 step11

Step 12

Gmail Confirmation email - Confirm

If you've clicked the link to confirm then a new window will open, click the Confirm button.

FIN!  Proceed to Step 15 to learn how to send and receive.

gmail import pop3 step12

Step 13

Add another email address you own - Account Verification

If you've copied the confirmation code from the email then return to the 'Accounts and Import' tab on the settings page and under the heading 'Send mail as' click the 'verify' link

gmail import pop3 step13

Step 14

Add another email address you own - Account Confirmaiton

Enter the confirmation code (if you copied it from the email you can paste it by clicking ctrl+V (mac cmd+V) or typing it in manually.  Click the 'Verify' button when done. 


gmail import pop3 step14

Step 15

Create a new message using your new domain based email address

Click 'Compose' button

In the New Message box enter the recipients enail address and then click on the drop down arrow adjacent to the from email address.  Select your new domain based email address as the sender.

Proceed to enter the subject and the body of the email and click send when done

gmail import pop3 step15 send new

Step 16

Replying to an email

By default Gmail will have selected the radio button on the Accounts and Import tab on the Settings page so that when replying to a message you will 'Reply from the same address the message was sent to'  It is also worht while pointing out at this point that if you want your default email address in Gmail to be your domain based email address then under the 'Send mail as' heading click 'make default' adjacent to your domain based email address.

To reply to someone using a different email address to the one that the email was sent to, click Reply as normal then click the 'To' email address.  This will expand the email header to show you the from field which you can then click to change the email account that you want to reply with.

gmail import pop3 step17gmail import pop3 step16 reply


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