You're here because you're looking for a Freelance Website Designer who can create a new website or re-designing an existing one for you.  The problem is you don't know whether I'm any good at designing websites, right?  Well, apart from taking a look at my portfolio of website designs, have a read of the process I follow, it may give you the confidence you need to get in touch.

Strategic website design is all about identifying what you want to achieve with the new website or redesign and what is its main purpose. Amongst other things I will:

understand your company's website goals

benchmark you agains your competition

establish your target audience

understand your brand identity

identify relevant social platforms

develop a list of keywords

create a sitemap

understand your budget.

Initial Proposal

The above information is used to create a set of measurable objectives, identify deliverables, provide costs and develop a plan of action to implement your new website or website re-design.

Wireframes will be created to quickly mock-up the layouts of each of the unique pages of your website using box outlines to represent images and 'lorum-ipsum' text for the copy.

Design Proposal

Once we have sign-off and enterered into an agreement, design mock-ups of each of the wireframed pages will be created for you to approve.

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