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Freelance Website Development is part of the Strategic Design Process that I'm quite passionate about as freelance website coding is my core skill. Normally website Development is the second phase of the Strategic Design Process  after first designing the layout of the website.  However I can also take the website design that you have created yourself and program the code for you.   This is ideally suited for designers and design agencies who have a clear vision of how they want their website to look and feel but may not have the necessary time or resources to implement the code.  That's what I'm here for.

As a Freelance Website Coder/Developer I'm versed in:-


the code that is used to display your website


the code that is used to style your website

Javascript / jQuery

the browser side code that provides user interaction


the server side code that provides customisation


the database that stores the information for your website

Joomla CMS

the Content Management System that takes the stress out of updating a website

Cross Browser and Cross Platform Compatability

Your website is coded to ensure that it looks equally as good in the various website browsers across all the major platforms.  Currently I test on the following devices:

Device Apple Mac Desktop PC iPhone & iPad Tablet
Operating System macOS Sierra Microsoft Windows 10 Latest iOS Latest Android OS.
IE 10 *        

* I no longer develop and test your site on out of date browsers such as Internet Explorer 10 and below.  This is base on several major factors, 1) On January 12, 2016 Microsoft announced end of support for IE10, IE9, and IE8  2) Major Websites such as Twitter / Facebook / ebay etc no longer support them.

Responsive Design

Your website is designed to be responsive, in that it will automatically adjust its appearance to whatever the screen size is you are viewing it on whether it be on a desktop, laptop, tablet or  smartphone.

Custom Components and Modules

Depending upon your needs, bespoke back end administrative components and front end components / modules will be developed to simplify the process of updating and displaying content on your website.  Over the years I have developed many custom (only you can use), open-source (free for anyone to use) and propriatory (pay a licence to use) components and modules that are designed to make maintaining and updating your website a heck of a lot easier.

W3C standard Compliant Code

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W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards have been developed and continue to evolve so that Web pages can be consistently displayed across all platforms. The international consortium was fouded in 1994 and is the main standard that I test my websites agains.  

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