Project: thirty5ive

Year: 2010

Service Provided: Freelance Website Coder

Design Brief:

thirty5ive design is a graphic design studio based in County Durham.  I was approached by Brent to faithfully reproduce in HTML and animate using Javascript and CSS the designs that he had created.

Website: Offline
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  • website coding for designers
  • website coding for designers
  • website coding for designers

Overall the finished website successfully reproduced the design that Brent had created.  The only compromise that had to be made was with the fonts, which, at the time, was limited to web-safe fonts that both PC and Mac had installed as default.  Now, thanks to CSS3 we can specify whatever fonts we like and have them either hosted on the website itself or use a font supplier such as google fonts.


I contacted Philip as I needed a website developer to convert the graphic designs that I'd created into a functional website.  It's good to have the technical resources that Philip provides on hand so as I can focus on what I do best.  Thanks Philip I appreciate the patience you showed and looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Brent Atkinson

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