Project: Open Entrances

Year: 2016

Service Provided: Website Design

Design Brief:

Open entrances approached me to re-design their existing website as it was difficult to update and the site structure was hard to navigate.  There was no brand cohesion with the parent company so they asked me to also develop a new brand identity that would tie Open Entrances in with the Glass Aftercare identity that they had already established.

Website: Open Entrances
  • bespoke joomla template and components - open entrances
  • bespoke joomla template and components - open entrances
  • bespoke joomla template and components - open entrances
  • bespoke joomla template and components - open entrances

We first identifying the core products & services of Open Entrances, focused on the unique selling points that positioned them above all other glass entrance speciaists in the UK and benchmarked them against the competitors.  Open entrances ability to produce oversized (tall) sliding glass doors and revolving doors was the focus and the site was optimised to include these keywords.  The finished website utilises a joomla portfolio component that I have developed making it very easy to add new products and case studies to the website.  I created a new logo for Open Entrances that has continuity with the brand identity that the parent company (glass Aftercare) already has.  Along with the website being fully responsive, share/like facilities are baked into the website making it easy to promote/market the website on all the major social media platforms.


I was fortunate enough to meet Philip on an unrelated project and asked him to critique our existing Open Entrances website.  His report was candid and confirmed our suspissions that an update was required to not only make the site look good but also to optimise it for the search engines.  We enlisted Philip to re-design, host and manage our new website and to update it on a regular basis with new case studies and blog posts.  Philip also takes care of sharing our latest news, case studies and blog posts on our social media pages.

I would highly recommend Philip to anyone looking for a website developer to design or re-design their new or existing website, his creativity, attention to detail and tenacity make him a prefect resource to help develop your online presence.

Rod Millicevic
Director - Open Architecture and Technology for Entrances Ltd.

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