Project: Body and Beauty Therapy Studio

Year: 2013

Service Provided: Website Design

Design Brief:

Izzy from Body and Beauty therapy Studio in Whitchurch approached me to create a new website for her beauty therapy and massage studio.  The brief: to create a calming website that gives details of each of the treatments provided, using the existing colour sceme and allow for additional therapies to be added and provisions for an online shop.

Website: Body and Beauty Therapy Studio

A sitemap was created grouping together each of the treatments 'for her' and those 'for him' with common treatments such as massage and yoga on the same hiararchical level.  

Working with the therapy studio colour scheme I created a design that uses fading images as the primary navigation (Home, For Her, For Him, Contact etc).  Primarily a brochure site, this design layout provides the client with the flexibility in the future to add more content and progress to e-commerce.


My experience of creating a website has been a lot less difficult than I anticipated.  I had an idea of what I didn't want but not a clear  idea of what I did want.  Philip guided me through all of it very patiently and surpassed himself in going above and beyond what was strictly his job to sort out other queries along the way.  Philip has a really good eye for design and provided  a lot of ideas  and options.  It did not matter at all that he was based miles from where I am based it was all done via phone or email .  I would heartily recommend Philip to anyone considering creating a website or updating an existing one. my thanks to Philip for providing me with a valuable business tool.

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