In May 2017 after the Terrorist attach at the Arena in Manchester, I decided to put my business on hold so as I could document the bees of Greater Manchester to raise money for charity.  For those who don’t know, the worker bee has been a symbol of the people of Manchester since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  In november 2017 after spending six months photographing and researching the bees of Greater Manchester I self-published Bee Quest – The Bees of Greater Manchester.  100% of theprofits goes to the Manchester Memorial Fund.

Obviously I needed somewhere to sell the book online  Who could I use to design the site? ……….

Sharing is Good

Design Approach

The primary function of the website is to generate sales. The majority of traffic is driven by Social Media Marketing, Primarily Twitter, followed by Instagram and then Facebook although the site has the SEO from the Get-Go treatment and can be found easily by the search engines using the chosen key phrases. The use of parallax background effects, 100% vertical screen height 'slides' and a combination of scrolling and fixed backgrounds and animated text tells the story of my quest, and leads the visitor to the purchase area. An additional 'hidden' form is available for book owners to register their copy as each book is embossed and individually numbered by hand. The form registers the book number, the owners name, their email address and which town and country they are from. Built on the Joomla CMS using bootstrap 3 framework, the design is inherently responsive and works across all platforms without the need for a separate mobile version.


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